Sample: Executing MAGELLAN BLOCKS Flows from Excel

Flows from MAGELLAN BLOCKS can be called upon from Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, and other external applications.
Using Excel with BLOCKS to analyze/visualize results gathered from big data lets you easily create speedy systems without the need for buying and learning new, expensive programs.

Demo video

This demonstrates the aggregation and analysis of daily precipitation from weather data.
Execute BLOCKS Flows from Excel and store totaled results for daily precipitation into BigQuery. Use BigQuery Connector for Excel and get the totaled results into Excel and display them as graphs. You can do everything from Excel, from running data totals to getting and formatting totaled results.

Analysis-Sample: Executing MAGELLAN BLOCKS Flows from Excel


The spreadsheets used in the demonstration video are available for download below.

Download Explanation

Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet used in the video demonstration.

Click the link to the left to download. For more details, open the downloaded spreadsheet and refer to the sheet named, "README".

This file is not compatible with the OS X version of Excel

Google Sheets

The Google Sheets version of the Excel spreadsheet.

This version will be made public in the near future.