Basic Guide


What is the Auto-Transcriber?

The Auto-Transcriber (formerly Transcription Board) is a service that analyzes speech in audio or video files and generates a text transcription. All you need to do is drag a file into the Auto-Transcriber in your browser.

Example of using the Auto-Transcriber in MAGELLAN BLOCKS

The Auto-Transcriber currently supports Google Chrome only.

The Auto-Transcriber displays the transcribed text along with timestamps for when the speech occurred in the original file.

If there are mistakes in the transcription, you can directly edit the text in your browser. You can also play that portion of the video within the Auto-Transcriber and listen to the audio while you edit the text.

Once you have finished making edits, you can download the transcription results as a text file.

With this service, you can easily create subtitles for videos, efficiently create minutes for meetings, transcribe interviews, and more.

Refer to the Auto-Transcriber How-To for more details on using the Auto-Transcriber.