Basic Guide


Salesforce accounts

You can manage the Salesforce account information used in Salesforce category BLOCKS in the Salesforce accounts section of the settings menu.

Flow Designer settings: Salesforce accounts screen

You can manage the following information for Salesforce accounts:

  • The username used to log in to Salesforce
  • The password used to log in to Salesforce
  • A Salesforce security token
  • A Salesforce Consumer Key
  • A Salesforce Consumer Secret

Getting the security token

  1. Under My Settings, enter reset into the Quick Find search box. Select Reset My Security Token from the results.
  2. Click Reset Security Token and an email containing a new security token will be sent to the email address registered in your Salesforce personal settings.


Getting the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

You will need to Create a Connected App to connect to Salesforce from MAGELLAN BLOCKS.

  • Salesforce Classic:
    Under Setup, enter App into the Quick Find search box. Select Apps from the results, and click New for Connected Apps.
  • Lightning Experience:
    Click Setup, then enter Apps into the Quick Find search box. Select App Manager from the results and click New Connected App.

*Please complete the Enable OAuth Settings when creating the connected app. The Callback URL and Selected OAuth Scopes settings are also required. Refer to the following for help:

  • Callback URL: Designate a URL that Salesforce calls back to during OAuth. For example, http://localhost/callback
  • Selected OAuth Scopes: Full access (full)

Once you have created the connected app, you can get your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

You can perform the following operations from the Salesforce accounts menu:

Operation Explanation

Register information for a Salesforce account.

Click Add and enter information for the new Salesforce account into the fields shown in the image below.

Flow Designer settings: Add Salesforce account screen

Click Add once finished.


Edit information for a registered Salesforce account.

Click from the Edit column of the Salesforce account whose information you wish to edit.

Make your desired changes on the “Edit your Salesforce account settings” screen and click Update once finished.


Delete registered Salesforce account information.

Click from the Delete column for the Salesforce account settings you wish to delete.

Default setting

Set a Salesforce account as the default setting used in the “Account” property of Salesforce category BLOCKS.

Click the Default column for the Salesforce account you wish to set as the default.