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Importing and exporting Flows

This page explains how to import and export Flows to and from your Flow Designer.


With the import feature, you can import Flows into your Flow Designer that were exported as Flow files.

You can choose the tab to which Flows will be loaded. If the file contains multiple Flows that were exported as a group, they will also be imported as a group.


With the export feature, you export Flows as files from your Flow Designer.

Exported Flows contain information for the Flow ID, properties of each BLOCK, and other such information.

Please keep in mind the following conditions when exporting Flows:

  • Stand-alone BLOCKS may not be exported by themselves.
  • Flows that are incomplete may not be exported. An "incomplete Flows" is one which does not have a Start of Flow BLOCK, or one within a Flow Designer that has not been saved.
  • End of Flow BLOCKS are not exported. When you import a Flow, a default End of Flow BLOCK will be automatically attached to the end of it. As such, if you have edited the BLOCK name of an End of Flow BLOCK, that name will not carry over after exporting and importing the Flow.
  • Exporting Flows uses your web browser’s download function. As such, the download location and/or other behavior that occurs with exports will vary by web browser and your download settings.

When exporting a single Flow, you can use the export option available in the BLOCK menu of any BLOCK in the Flow.

You can export multiple Flows at once by selecting them in the Flow list and clicking Exportuse the export function available in the Flow list.