Basic Guide

Basic Guide

Creating a Google account (with new Gmail address)

Creating a Google account (with new Gmail address)

A Google account is required to use Google services from MAGELLAN BLOCKS.

When making a Google account, one of the following email addresses will be required:

  • A new Gmail address to be made along with the Google account
  • An existing email address (from a service other than Gmail)

This page explains how to make a Google account along with an accompanying Gmail address.

For details on making a Google account with a non-Gmail address, refer to Creating a Google account (with existing email address)

The steps for creating a Google account are as follows:

  1. Access the account creation page
  2. Fill out required information
  3. Agree to the Privacy and Terms
  4. Verify the new account

Each of these steps will be explained in order below.

Access the account creation page

Go to the Google account creation page

Google account creation page

Fill out required information

Fill out the registration form with all required information, then click “Next step”.

Item Required Explanation
Name Enter your first and last names.
Choose your username Enter a username using only letters, numbers, or periods. The new Gmail address will be
Create a password Enter a password of at least 8 characters.
Confirm your password Re-enter your password.
Birthday Enter your birthday.
Gender Select female, male, or other.
Mobile phone An optional item. Enter your current mobile phone number.
Your current email address An optional item. Enter your current email address.
Location Enter your current country/territory of residence.

Agree to the Privacy and Terms

A page titled "Privacy and Terms" will be displayed.

Privacy and Terms (before scrolling)

After carefully reading the policy, click the “I agree” button. You will not be able to click this button until you have scrolled through the entire page.

Privacy and Terms (after scrolling)

Verify the new account

Google will send a code to verify your identity. You can select for the code to be sent through a text message or voice call to your phone.

The “Verify your account” page is not always displayed. In such cases, these instructions may be skipped.

  • To receive your verification code by text, enter your phone number and select "Text message (SMS)"

    Account verification (text message)
  • For verification by voice call, enter your phone number and select "Voice call".

    Account verification (voice call)

Depending on your selection, you will receive a text message or phone call from Google after a short time. Enter the verification code into the screen below and click continue.

Account verification (input code)

Next, a welcome screen will be displayed.

Welcome screen

With that, your new Google account has been created.