Basic Guide

Usage limits

Flow Designer log output capacity

Flow Designers have the following restriction for log output capacity:

Item Limit
Log capacity 1 GB / 1 Flow Designer

Avoid exceeding this limit by adjusting the Failure log history and Success log history properties within the Start of Flow BLOCK.

Exceeding the log capacity limit results in the following being restricted:

  • Flow execution
  • All operations within the settings menu
  • Changing Flow IDs
  • Saving
    You can continue to edit your Flow Designer, but you will not be able to save.

An email will be sent to notify you when your stored logs exceed 70% capacity. You will receive an additional email when log capacity goes back under this threshold.

Email notifications will also be sent when any restrictions are applied or removed.

Please delete logs promptly should you approach or exceed the capacity limit.

If you want to execute a restricted Flow without deleting logs, you can use the import and export functions to move it to another Flow Designer. Since logs are not exported, the Flow can be executed on a different Flow Designer that has sufficient space for logs.