Basic Guide

User settings

Delete account

You can delete the BLOCKS account you are logged in with from the Delete Account section of the user settings menu.

Access the delete account section by doing the following:

Opening the account deletion section of user settings

Click your user icon in the upper-right of the global navigation bar (❶). Select User Settings (❷) from the drop-down menu.

The user settings screen

From the user settings screen, select Delete Account (❶) in the left sidebar.

The account deletion screen in user settings

This will bring up the account deletion menu.

To delete your account, click the Delete Account button. A confirmation dialog will appear. Confirm that you want to click your account by clicking Delete Account. You will be logged out of BLOCKS and your account will start being deleted.

Important notes regarding account deletion

  • Please complete the following before deleting your account:

    1. Delete all services
    2. Delete all projects
    3. Delete all licenses
  • All data will be deleted along with your account.

    This data cannot be restored once it is deleted. Organizations that were shared with other users with the owner role will not be deleted.

  • If your account was using the Full-Service Plan, the Google Cloud Platform project for your account will also be deleted.

  • You cannot make a new account with the same account name or email address for 6 months after deletion.
  • If your account accrued any usage fees during the month of deletion, you will be billed at the start of the following month.

    If there are multiple admins in an organization, the admin account with payment settings configured cannot delete their account until another admin user first configures payment settings.