Basic Guide

User settings

Two-factor authentication

You can set up two-factor authentication in this section. This protects your account by requiring a one-time use password in addition to your regular password when logging into BLOCKS. You can get the one-time use passwords from a two-factor authentication app on your smart device.

Enabling two-factor authentication provides protection for your account even if your regular password is stolen.

Access the two-factor authentication menu by doing the following:

Accessing MAGELLAN BLOCKS user settings

Click the user icon in the right side of the global navigation bar (❶). Click User Settings (❷).

MAGELLAN BLOCKS user settings

Click Two-Factor Authentication (❶) in the left sidebar.

MAGELLAN BLOCKS two-factor authentication setup

To enable two-factor authentication, do the following:

  1. Click Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

  2. Directions for setting up two-factor authentication will be shown. Follow the directions (general outline below).

    1. Install a two-factor authenticator app onto your smart device.

    2. Scan the QR code from BLOCKS into your two-factor authenticator app.

    3. Enter the six digit code from your authenticator app into BLOCKS and click Enable.

    4. Recovery codes for your account will be shown. Save these codes in a secure place.

      Make sure to save your recovery codes in a secure place and do not lose them.

To disable two-factor authentication, do the following:

  1. Click Disable Two-Factor Authentication.

  2. Click OK to confirm your decision.