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We're offering coupon codes for up to $1,200 off BLOCKS fees to new users who register during our beta period.
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*Coupons are valid for one month after entry. Normal fees will apply after the expiration date.
*Coupon covers one month's costs for one ML Board ($1,000) and one Big Data Board ($200)

Those unfamiliar with GCP can choose the MAGELLAN BLOCKS and GCP Set (Full Service Plan), while those experienced with their own GCP accounts can select the Use Personal GCP Account Plan (Self-Service Plan).

Full Service PlanRecommended

This plan removes the need for creating a GCP environment, managing its settings, and the like.
Recommended for those who have never used GCP.

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Google Cloud Platfom

We’ll handle the GCP environment, so you can dive right into using BLOCKS with GCP.
GCP usage fees and handling fee apply in addition to MAGELLAN BLOCKS service fees.

*The handling fee is 20% of the GCP usage fee or a $30 minimum.

Machine Learning Board
1 Board = $1,000/month
Big Data Board
1 Board = $200/month
IoT Board
1 Board = $100/month

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Self-Service Plan

With this plan, you’ll be able to set up, manage, and pay for your GCP account on your own.
We recommend this plan for those already comfortable using GCP.
*Be aware that any questions about using Google Cloud Platform will fall outside of our support.

Manage Google Cloud Platform on your own

Take care of setting up, managing, and paying for your own GCP account.
Recommended for those already comfortable using GCP.

Machine Learning Board
1 Board = $1,000/month
Big Data Board
1 Board = $200/month
IoT Board
1 Board = $100/month

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*No charges apply until Boards are created.

Additional Options

Add additional BLOCKS (Big Data Board)

50 BLOCKS = $200/month

Raise the maximum number of placeable BLOCKS.
Can be purchased in sets of 50 BLOCKS to a maximum of 150 additional BLOCKS.

*Daily units for pricing will be calculated using Japan Standard Time (JST)
*Aside from MAGELLAN BLOCKS service fees, payments to Google for Google Cloud Platform services (such as BigQuery) will be required depending on usage.
*A Big Data Board is required to make predictions using models created on an ML Board.

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