Scale up at your own pace.

Since MAGELLAN BLOCKS is cloud-based, you don’t need to pay expensive fees to set up your own system. Simply select the BLOCKS services you want to use and pay for only the licenses you need.

Select the plan that’s right for you:
MAGELLAN BLOCKS is built in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), so you’ll need a GCP account. You can either manage GCP yourself with the Self-Service Plan, or have us manage it for you with the Full-Service Plan.

Full-Service Plan

Leave GCP to us.
Handling fee: GCP usage fees + 20%

We’ll set up and manage everything on the GCP side, you so can just focus on your work in BLOCKS. You’ll be charged with one bill for your BLOCKS licenses, GCP usage, and the handling fee.
*The handling fee for each project is 20% of your GCP usage fee (minimum $30).


Self-Service Plan

Manage your own GCP account.
Handling fee: $0

Set up, manage, and pay for your own GCP account yourself. We’ll only charge you for your BLOCKS service licenses. We recommend this plan for those familiar with GCP.

Select the services you want to use.

You can purchase monthly or annual licenses for each type of service.
Purchasing an annual license gives a year’s worth of access for the discounted cost of 11 monthly licenses.

Flow Designer

Connect blocks into data flows


1 license = $ 200 /month

Model Generator

Train machine learning models


1 license = $ 1,000 /month

Data Bucket

Collect your data into the cloud


1 license = $ 100 /month

Text Search Engine

Create FAQ/text search systems


1 license = $ 1,000 /month


Transcribe video and audio files


$ 0.1 /min

Simply purchase monthly or annual licenses for the services you want to use.
Purchase an annual licenses for a one-month discount.

*Fees for using the Auto-Transcriber are calculated based on the length of the transcribed audio/video file at a rate of $0.1/min. Usage for the month is totalled on the last day of the month and billed according to the exchange rate from USD to JPY on the billing date (the first of the following month). This fee includes GCP usage fees regardless of your BLOCKS payment plan (Self or Full-Service).

Start small at just $1,000 per month

The MAGELLAN BLOCKS minimum usage fee is $1,000 per month.
Please be aware that the minimum usage fee will apply even if you only use the Flow Designer ($200 per month).


*The minimum usage fee does not apply when using only the Auto-Transcriber. You will only be charged for your Auto-Transcriber usage fees in such cases.

Comprehensive introductory support available

We offer a comprehensive introductory support service for those looking to get started right away with MAGELLAN BLOCKS. Contact us for more details.

Contact Us

Example Plan

Want to predict sales of your product?

Model Generator Train a
predictive model


Flow Designer Process data and
make predictions


Get started right away for just


MAGELLAN BLOCKS customer example: Fukuhaku Printing

Customer Spotlight Fukuhaku Printing

No setup costs and you can start right away? We knew we had to try BLOCKS.

After getting a quote from a machine learning system development company, we thought AI was only for big companies with a lot of capital. But once we found BLOCKS, we now believe that even small, rural companies like ourselves have the power to fight competitively with AI.

Saisho Shinichi, Chief of the CRM Promotion Department Solutions Group

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Companies are seeing success with BLOCKS.

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