Auto-Transcriber How-To

Auto-Transcriber How-To


The Auto-Transcriber analyzes speech in video and audio files and generates text, all within your browser.

Example Auto-Transcriber


  • All in your browser

    Simply drop a video or audio file into the Auto-Transcriber in your browser to automatically create text from the file.

    The transcribed text is shown in your browser, where you can directly edit mistakes in the text. You can also download a text file of the results.

    The Auto-Transcriber only supports Google Chrome.

  • Support for over 110 languages

    The Auto-Transcriber supports transcription of over 110 languages. See Google’s Language Support page for more details on supported languages.

  • Automatic sentence break detection

    The Auto-Transcriber automatically detects sentence breaks and separates them into new lines.

  • Supports video and audio files in MP4, MOV, and MP3 formats

    The Auto-Transcriber supports MP4, MOV, and MP3 files, three of the most commonly used video/audio formats.

  • Supports files up to 3 hours long

    You can generate text for files up to 3 hours long with a 6 GB maximum file size.

  • Downloadable text results

    You can download the transcribed text results as a plain text, CSV (UTF-8), CSV (Shift JIS), WebVTT, or SubRip format file. You can also select between LF or CR+LF for the newline break type.

  • Just $0.10 per minute

    Charges are calculated based on the total time of the video or audio file at a rate of $0.10 per minute (rounded up to the minute).

Initial setup

  • MAGELLAN BLOCKS full version account

    Only full version MAGELLAN BLOCKS accounts can use the Auto-Transcriber. Refer to the Appendix: Creating a full version MAGELLAN BLOCKS account section for more information.

    You cannot use the Transcription Board with a free trial account.

  • Enable the Auto-Transcriber

    In order to use the Auto-Transcriber, you’ll need to enable it in BLOCKS by doing the following:

    1. Click the menu () icon in the global navigation bar. Select Auto-Transcriber.
      Opening the Auto-Transcriber
    2. On the What is the Auto-Transcriber? page, click Start.
      What is the Auto-Transcriber?

Using the Auto-Transcriber

To use the Auto-Transcriber, do the following:

  1. Open the Auto-Transcriber
    Opening the Auto-Transcriber

    Click the menu () icon in the global navigation bar. Select the Auto-Transcriber.

    The Auto-Transcriber screen

    This opens the Auto-Transcriber.

  2. Select the language

    You must select the language of the speech in the audio or video file before you upload it.

    The language setting
  3. Upload a video or audio file
    The file upload area

    Drag an audio or video file into the upload area, or click Select File. The Auto-Transcriber will start transcribing the file immediately.

    If successful, the Auto-Transcriber will its results as shown below (video file results shown):

    Example video file results for the Auto-Transcriber

    For video files, you can control whether or not to display the subtitles by hovering your cursor over the video and clicking the CC button in the bottom-right corner.

    Video control menu

Appendix: Creating a full version MAGELLAN BLOCKS account

The Auto-Transcriber is only available to full version users, and not available during the free trial. To create a MAGELLAN BLOCKS full version account, do the following:

  1. Register a MAGELLAN BLOCKS account

    Follow the steps on the Account registration page to create a MAGELLAN BLOCKS account. Creating an account is free.

    Account registration screen
  2. Initial setup

    Next, follow the steps on the Initial setup page to configure your account information and billing settings.