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2017.05.30 -  Infomation

Announcing new ML Board features

We are happy to announce the release of two new features to MAGELLAN BLOCKS.

1. Support for multi-dimensional results for the regression model

Until now, the regression model could only be used to find a single numerical value result. With today’s release, the Regression-type ML Board can be set to find multi-dimensional results. For example, it now supports predictions for things like size (width, height) or location (latitude, longitude) that have two or more dimensions.

2. Image classification model (alpha release)

In addition to the regression and classification models, we have added an image classification model with today’s release. This model is already able to identify features in images, so you can get accurate results even with just a few images. Classify your company’s merchandise, photos of your employees' faces, or determine the condition of a product with this simple to use Machine Learning service.

The current release of the image classification model is an alpha version.

Through this alpha release, we want to share one of MAGELLAN BLOCKS’ newest features to users for their consideration. Those who wish to participate in the alpha are asked to provide their impressions, opinions, or requests to help us improve the final release.

Those who wish to participate in this alpha and test out the image classification model should contact us here.
*Please include your MAGELLAN BLOCKS account information with your request.

We appreciate your continued support of MAGELLAN BLOCKS and look forward to hearing your thoughts about the new image classification ML Board.

† The contents published in this release may be changed or withdrawn without notice.