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2020.02.04 -  Press Release

Groovenauts Announces Partnership with Tableau to enhance Business Intelligence with AI-Powered Insights

Groovenauts, Inc. (President & CEO:Eihiro Saishu), developers of the non-programming machine learning service MAGELLAN BLOCKS, announced a strategic partnership with Tableau, the leading analytics platform, to deliver AI-driven insights into the Tableau platform.

Groovenauts develops an enterprise-focused cloud service for using AI and quantum computing for everything from predictions to combinatorial optimizations. Over 3,800 companies in Japan are using MAGELLAN BLOCKS to create AI models, this partnership allows customers to gain better and faster predictions through Tableau visualizations.

“We are excited to welcome Groovenauts to our technology partner program in Japan,” said Brian Matsubara, Senior Director of Global Technology Alliances at Tableau. “As more organizations tap on the value of the cloud, working with Groovenauts delivers greater choice and flexibility to customers in how they deploy Tableau. We look forward to collaborating and helping our customers be successful with data-driven insights.”

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