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2017.01.11 -  Infomation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:MAGELLAN BLOCKS makes machine learning simple with new alpha release

Fukuoka, Japan - January 11, 2017

Groovenauts, Inc. announces the alpha release of machine learning capabilities to its MAGELLAN BLOCKS service.

With the new ML Board (Machine Learning Board), even non-programmers can perform deep-level machine learning.

The initial release supports two types of machine learning models, classification and regression, with more models scheduled for release in the future.

The classification model, which predicts categories or types, can be used for analyze for things such as fraudulent credit card usage. The regression model, which predicts upcoming values based on the data it is given, can be used for forecasting things like sales, number of attendees to an event, or future electricity usage.

All you need to do to create a prediction model is add your data to the ML Board. Once data is provided and the ML Board is instructed to start training, it automatically tunes and optimizes the predictive model by itself. Then, the new predictive model can be used by simply placing its block into MAGELLAN BLOCKS, all within your web browser.

As this alpha release is limited to a select number of users, those interested should contact Groovenauts.

Through the MAGELLAN BLOCKS ML Board, Groovenauts hopes to make machine learning accessible to all people.

Groovenauts, Inc.

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