BLOCKS Reference

Common features


In the Flow Designer, you can use variables to pass data between BLOCKS in a Flow.

Variables have the following characteristics:

  • You can use multiple variables. Each different variable is identified by its assigned name.
  • Regarding variable names:
    • Variable names can contain letters (a–z, A–Z), numbers, and underscores (_).
    • You cannot name variables using only numbers.
    • BLOCKS uses predefined variables with names that start with an underscore (_). These variables are listed below, and more may be added in the future:
      Variable Explanation

      Contains the Flow’s user-assigned ID.


      Contains an automatically assigned numerical identifier given to each Flow


      Contains the name of the Flow’s Start of Flow BLOCK.


      Contains the Flow Designer’s URL.

      E.g., https://*****


      Contains the subdomain of the Flow Designer’s URL.

      E.g., The ***** portion of a URL like https://*****

  • Variables are only active while a Flow is running.
  • Variables can be used as input or output for BLOCKS.
Variable explanation