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Google Drive

List items from Google Drive

Self-Service Plan users (including trial version users) must enable the Google Drive API. For more information on how to enable the API, please refer to Enabling Google APIs.


This BLOCK searches Google Drive for files or folders (items) and outputs a list of the results as a log.

See the following for an example results log:

info : Number of results: 5
info :   name=example03, type=Google Sheets
info :   name=share, type=Google Drive folder
info :   name=example02, type=Google Sheets
info :   name=example01, type=Google Sheets
info :   name=Getting started, type=PDF
  • The list can only include items accessible to the designated GCP service account.
    • You can have the list include only items from within a specified folder.
    • You can have the list include only items that match with a specified search term.
  • Number of results: Shows the number of items in the list.
  • name: Shows the item’s name.
  • type: Shows the item’s type.

To target items that already exist in Google Drive (not created/saved using Google Drive BLOCKS), you must share the items with the email address for your GCP service account. You can view the email address of your GCP service account in the GCP service accounts section of the Flow Designer Settings menu.


Property Explanation
BLOCK name Configure the name displayed on this BLOCK.
GCP service account Select the GCP service account to use with this BLOCK.
Parent folder Designate a folder if you want the list to only include items from within it.
Search term

Designate a string if you want the list to only include items whose name includes it.

Whether or not the item name includes the specified search term is based on prefix matching. For example, an item named GettingStarted would match with the search term Getting, but not with Started.

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