BLOCKS Reference


Upsert records


This BLOCK sends data (records) stored into a variable to a Salesforce object. It updates records if they already exist in Salesforce, or inserts new records if they do not.

You must prepare records as an array of objects. This is the same data format used with the Upload to Wave from a variable BLOCK (Data format).


Property Explanation
BLOCK name Configure the name displayed on this BLOCK.

Select a Salesforce account.

You must register a Salesforce account beforehand under the Salesforce accounts section of the settings menu.

Object name Designate the Salesforce object whose records will be updated, or to which records will be added.
Source data variable Designate the variable that contains the records (data) to be updated in/added to the Salesforce object.
External ID

This external ID is used to judge whether to update an existing record or add a new record.

The following rules determine what occurs after the external IDs of the record stored into the variable and the target Salesforce object are compared:

  • If there is no record with a matching external ID: A new record will be added.
  • If there is one record with a matching external ID: The existing record will be updated.
  • If there are multiple records with matching external IDs: The BLOCK will fail without adding or updating any records.

You can specify the Salesforce record’s primary key (ID), idLookup item, or external ID item for this property.

info_outline When the item name specified by the external ID is different from the item name of the record stored in the variable, you must also set data mapping for the “External ID of the Salesforce object record” and the “Item of the record stored in the input data variable”.

Data mapping

Define how the Salesforce object's items correspond with the items (keys) in the records stored within the BLOCKS variable.

Data mapping overview

Define the following pair for each item:

  • Salesforce item: The Salesforce object’s item.
  • Value: The item (key) of the record stored into the BLOCKS variable.
Sandbox Designate whether or not the Salesforce record destination is a Sandbox environment.
BLOCK memos Make notes about this BLOCK.