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Execute DML query

This BLOCK executes BigQuery DML queries

This BLOCK is currently in beta. Be aware that the beta version of this BLOCK will become unavailable post official release.
*Please make use of the official BLOCK once released.

Due to its nature as a beta release, there is the possibility that some functions may not execute properly. We appreciate feedback from users, through the BLOCKS Forum or direct contact, regarding bugs or ways to improve BLOCKS.

Property name Explanation
BLOCK name Designate a name to be displayed on this BLOCK.
GCP service account

Select the GCP service account for use with this BLOCK.


Designate a query to execute.

If you would like to deliver % format characters, such as %Y or %m, directly to BigQuery, please use %%. For example, %Y or %m would become %%Y and %%m. BigQuery changes %% into %, receiving the intended %Y and %m.

[% format character string addressable] [variable expansion addressable]

BLOCK memos Make any comments regarding this BLOCK.
Repetition attempts Designate the number of repetitions to occur in the case of an error or time out in BigQuery.
Minimum duration for time out Indicate how many seconds to wait for a response (time out) in BigQuery. It will double with every repetition. The maximum value for the time increase between repetitions is set under 'Maximum duration for time out" in the properties.
Maximum duration for time out As time outs increase from the "Minimum duration for time out", they reach a maximum value. It is defined in units of seconds.
Query priority level

Select a level of priority for queries. Permitted levels are as follow.

  • Interactive (immediate execution, limited number of simultaneous queries.
  • Batch (executed when resources are available, unlimited number of simultaneous queries.