BLOCKS Reference


Combine GCS files


This BLOCK combines files stored in Google Cloud Storage (GCS).

  • You can combine up to 32 files.
  • The source files and output file must be in the same bucket.
  • You can use the character * as a wildcard when source designating files.


Property Explanation
BLOCK name Configure the name displayed on this BLOCK.
GCP service account Select the GCP service account to use with this BLOCK.
Source files GCS URL

Designate the GCS URLs for the source files.

  • Example URLs:
    • gs://my-bucket/sample.csv
    • gs://my-bucket/sample*
Output file GCS URL

Designate the GCS URL for the resulting combined file. If a file with the same name already exists, the BLOCK will overwrite the existing file.

  • Example URL: gs://my-bucket/dest/sample.csv

The BLOCK will automatically create the folder specified if it does not already exist.

Content encoding

Designate the encoding for the combined file.

BLOCK memos Make notes about this BLOCK.
Content type

Designate the content type (MIME type) of the combined file. For example, text/csv for a CSV file, or application/json for a JSON file.