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Register to the DataEditor


This BLOCK registers a BigQuery table to the DataEditor in BLOCKS. If the DataEditor already contains data with the name designated in this BLOCK, it will update that data.

This BLOCK is currently in beta and may become usable after the official version is released. Please switch to using the official version at that time.

As a beta version, some features may not work as intended. We appreciate your feedback regarding bugs and ways to improve MAGELLAN BLOCKS.


Property Explanation
BLOCK name

Configure the name displayed on this BLOCK.

GCP service account

Select the GCP service account to use with this BLOCK.


Designate the name that will be used to identify this data when it is added/updated in the DataEditor.

If there is already data with this name in the DataEditor, the table will be updated. Otherwise, it will be added as a new table.


Designate the dataset that contains the BigQuery table to be added/updated in the DataEditor.


Designate the BigQuery table to be added/updated in the DataEditor.

BLOCK memos

Make notes about this BLOCK.