Basic Guide



MAGELLAN BLOCKS (BLOCKS) is a web service that makes it simple for businesses to use advanced Machine Learning without the need for technical expertise or programming ability.

BLOCKS includes the following services and tools:

  • Services
    • Flow Designer (formerly Big Data Board)

      With the Flow Designer, you can create data processing flows and machine learning systems by simply connecting on-screen BLOCKS. There are all sorts of BLOCKS available to use, so you can freely design flows according to your needs.

      Refer to What is the Flow Designer? for more details.

    • Model Generator (formerly ML Board)

      With the Model Generator, you can use collected data to generate and train your own Machine Learning models. Then, you can use your generated models within the Flow Designer to make accurate predictions.

      Refer to What is the Model Generator? for more details.

    • Auto-Transcriber (formerly Transcription Board)

      With the Auto-Transcriber, you can drag audio or video files into your browser to automatically analyze speech in the file and convert it into text. The results are displayed on the screen, where you can fix any mistakes directly. You can also download the results as a text file.

      Refer to What is the Auto-Transcriber? for more details.

    • Text Search Engine (formerly Search Board Text Search Type)

      With the Text Search Engine, you can quickly develop text search services. By entering question text with associated answers, you can easily train an accurate search service that can find the best answer to user questions.

      Refer to What is the Text Search Engine? for more details.

    • Data Bucket (formerly IoT Board)

      Machine Learning requires lots of data. With the Data Bucket, you can collect and store data from devices to use in the Model Generator, Flow Designer, and other BLOCKS services.

      Refer to What is the Data Bucket? for more details.

  • Support tools
    • DataEditor

      With the DataEditor, you can visually edit data to use for Machine Learning trainings and predictions.

      Refer to DataEditor for more details.

    • BigQuery Viewer

      With the BigQuery Viewer, you can view BigQuery tables directly from BLOCKS, without needing to open the Google Cloud Platform console.

      Refer to BigQuery Viewer for details.

    • GCS Explorer

      With the GCS Explorer, you can access and manage items in GCS directly from BLOCKS without needing to open the Google Cloud Storage console.

      Refer to GCS Explorer for more details.

While each of these services and tools can be used individually, you can achieve more effective results by using them together.