Basic Guide

Uploading files to GCS

Uploading files to GCS

This page explains how to upload files to Google Cloud Storage (GCS) using the GCS Explorer in BLOCKS.

The three basic steps are as follows:

  1. Open the GCS Explorer.
  2. Create a buckets (if necessary).
  3. Upload your files.

Open the GCS Explorer

Click the menu icon () in the global navigation bar (❶) then click GCS Explorer (❷).

Switching to the GCS Explorer

Create a bucket

Next, prepare a bucket to store your files. You can skip this step if you already have an appropriate bucket for your files.

warning Buckets made for use with the Model Generator must be set to the Storage class and Location shown in this guide. We cannot guarantee that buckets with different settings will function properly.

  1. Click Select a bucket then click Create a new bucket (❶).

    Selecting to create a new bucket
  2. Configure the bucket name (❶), storage class (❷), and location (❸).

    Configuring the bucket name, storage class, and location

    Bucket names must be unique across all of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

    Select the following for Storage class and Location:

    • Storage class: Regional
    • Location: us-central1

    The above settings are for buckets that will be used with BLOCKS, specifically for the Model Generator. You can configure your bucket differently if it won’t be used for a Model Generator.

  3. Click Create.

Upload your files

  1. Select your bucket by clicking its name from the Select a bucket menu (❶).

    You can skip this step if you just created the bucket.

    Selecting the bucket
  2. Click Upload File (❶).

    You can click Upload Folder to upload an entire folder at once. (Google Chrome only)

    Clicking upload file
  3. Select the files to upload.

    If you clicked Upload Folder, select the folder to upload. (Google Chrome only)

    Selecting which files to upload

    The upload’s progress is shown in the bottom-right corner of the page.

    The upload progress display

    You can click Stop all uploads (❶) to cancel all uploads, or click an upload’s to cancel a single upload.

  4. The file will be shown in the GCS Explorer when it finishes uploading.

    Example of a completed upload