Basic Guide

Getting started with BLOCKS

Account registration

A BLOCKS account is required to use the BLOCKS service. There is no charge for registering accounts.

You can register a new account by clicking Register on the BLOCKS main page or by clicking the link below.

BLOCKS account registration

The basic registration process is as follows:

  • Register through an external service:

    To register through a Google or GitHub account, follow the steps outlined below:

    External service registration process
    1. Click Sign in with Google to register through a Google account or click GitHub register through a Github account.
    2. Verify your account through Google or GitHub.
    3. On the BLOCKS account registration screen, fill out your organization name, account name, and other required fields. Click Submit button once finished.
    4. An email will be sent to the address you registered.
    5. Follow the directions in that email and click the URL contained within. This will open the BLOCKS sign in screen where you can enter your registered email and password to access BLOCKS.
  • Register with a new BLOCKS account:

    If you do not want to register through a Google or Github account, follow the steps below to register a new BLOCKS account.

    BLOCKS account registration process
    1. Enter an email address, password, and other required items on the BLOCKS account registration page and press Submit.
    2. An email will be sent to the address you entered on the registration page.
    3. The email will contain instructions to click a confirmation link. Clicking the link will open the BLOCKS sign in screen where you can enter your registered email and password to access BLOCKS.
Register new account page

The image above shows the BLOCKS account registration page. Each item is explained in the chart below:

# Item Description
1 Register through an external service Register through a Google or GitHub account with these buttons.
2 Account type

Select which type of account to register.

  • 30 day free trial: Select this account type to test out BLOCKS.

    • The free trial lasts for 30 days from the day you register your account.
    • You can only create one project with a trial account, and the project must use the Self-Service Plan. You cannot delete projects during the trial.
    • You can create one of each service (Model Generator, Flow Designer, Data Bucket, Text Search Engine) during the trial.
  • Full version: Select this option to create a full version account with access to all BLOCKS features.

3 Organization (company name) Enter the name of your organization, team, company, or group.
4 Account name Enter an account name that will identify your account. Account names must be at least 3 characters and can contain only letters and numbers.
5 Email address Enter the email address you would like to be connected with your BLOCKS account. Notifications sent from the BLOCKS service will be addressed to this email.
6 Password Enter a password of at least 8 characters.
7 Confirm password Reenter your password.
8 Language Select the display language setting for BLOCKS as English or Japanese.
9 Terms of Use agreement Click the link and carefully read the Terms of Use. If you agree to the terms listed within, check the box to mark your consent. You will be unable to use BLOCKS without agreeing to the Terms of Use.
10 Submit button Click this button to submit your registration form.

The steps that follow after you log into BLOCKS for the first time will differ depending on the type of account you select. Please refer to the following documents for details: