Basic Guide


What is the Flow Designer?

With the Flow Designer (formerly Big Data Board), you can simply place and connect on-screen blocks to create and execute all sorts of data processing systems. All within your web browser and without the need for technical expertise or programming ability.

Example screenshot of the MAGELLAN BLOCKS Flow Designer

BLOCKs and Flows

In the Flow Designer, you can process data in all sorts of ways by connecting things called BLOCKs. There are over 60 types of BLOCKs currently available with functions relating to Machine Learning (image analysis, speech recognition, etc.), Big Data (execute BigQuery queries, create tables, etc.), connecting with Salesforce, and more.


Refer to the BLOCK Reference pages for more details about each BLOCK.

A set of connected BLOCKs for processing data is called a Flow.

Example Flow with label

A Flow always begins with a Start of Flow BLOCK and continues through each successive BLOCK until it ends with an End of Flow BLOCK.

Example Flow execution order

If a Block fails to process, the Flow will stop at that point. The following shows an example where the third BLOCK in a Flow failed.

Example Flow failed execution

Refer to the following pages for more detailed instructions on using the Flow Designer: