Basic Guide



The dashboard screen contains various information about your project that you can quickly access.

Dashboard screen
# Item Explanation
1 Important Information
  • When necessary, BLOCKS may display one important or pressing news item at the top of the dashboard screen.
  • You can read more about it by clicking its Details link.
  • This section is not displayed if there is not an important news item.
2 Project Usage Info
  • View information on the number of each type of service being used in your project, as well as your service limit.
3 Project and Account Info
  • View your organization name, project name, and username information.
  • You can switch to your Organization Settings, Project Settings, and User Settings pages by clicking the corresponding links.

The Organization Settings link is only displayed for admin users.

4 Activity
  • Shows the five most recent records of user activities from the past 60 days.
  • Click View List to view all records from the past 60 days.
5 News
  • Shows a list of the five most recent news items from BLOCKS.
  • Click the title of a news item to see more information about it.
  • Click View List to switch to a list of all news items.
6a This Month's Estimated Charges
  • View an estimate for your organization’s charges for the current month.
  • The amount shown is the total for all projects in the organization, not only the selected project.
  • Clicking the Purchase Annual Licenses link switches to the usage information page of organization settings. Clicking the Invoice Details link switches to the payment history page of organization settings.

These links are only displayed for admin users. Non-admin users will instead see the Contact Admins section.

6b Contact Admins
  • Send a message to the admin users in your organization.
  • To send a message, fill out the text box with your message and click Send.
    Send message to admin text box
  • The following is an example of the email an admin would receive after a user entered the message “I’ve reached the service limit for Flow Designers. Please consider raising the limit.”:

    The user blocks has sent the following message to your organization’s admins:
    Organization: Groovenauts
    Sender: blocks
    Email address:
    I’ve reached the service limit for Flow Designers. Please consider raising the limit.

This is only displayed for users who are not admin users. Admin users will have This Month’s Estimated Charges displayed instead.

7 Shortcuts
  • Access links to documentation and help pages for various BLOCKS features.
  • Clicking a link will open the page in a new tab.
8 GCP Status

Shows the operational status of various Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. Service disruptions or outages that arise in GCP may affect BLOCKS services, as well.

The message All services available is shown when all GCP services are running normally.

In the case of any service disruptions or outages, the current condition of the affected services will be shown.

If a GCP issue is causing a BLOCKS service to be affected, please wait until the GCP issue is resolved and try using BLOCKS again.