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Usage limits

Usage limits

This page explains some usage limits for MAGELLAN BLOCKS.

Usage limits list

The following is a list of MAGELLAN BLOCKS usage limits.

Item Limit Notes
Number of placeable BLOCKS 50 BLOCKS / 1 Flow Designer

Can be increased to a maximum of 200 BLOCKS per Flow Designer through an additional option.

Log capacity 1 GB
Model Generator runtime version expiration Old runtime versions are supported for a period of one year after a newer version is released.

Training results (models) can be applied and used for predictions during this support period.

Model Generator runtime versions coincide with Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine runtime versions. For more information about runtime version release dates, refer to the runtime version list in Google’s documentation.

There is also a limit on available memory per Flow Designer.

Because BLOCKS is a multi-tenant service, Flows cannot have exclusive access to memory when executing.

The upper limit of available memory varies depending on the Flow Designer and the contents of Flows being executed.

Exceeding the memory limit may cause Flow execution to stop, or make stop Flow Designer editing functions.

Memory usage differs greatly according to how variables are used.

Variables are stored into memory from the time a Flow begins executing until it finishes. Because of this, storing large amounts of data into a variable, or storing many such variables, greatly increases memory usage.

Depending on the query’s results, enormous amounts of memory may be required for the Variable for storing results property of the Execute query or other similar properties/BLOCKS.

In addition, since memory usage is limited on a per Flow Designer basis, running multiple Flows simultaneously on one Flow Designer will increase memory usage towards this limit.

Limitations and limit values are subject to change.