Basic Guide



You can configure how to be notified when a Flow finishes by registering notification profiles. Notifications for successful executions and failed executions can be sent to these notification profiles. Once configured, you can select notification destinations from the BLOCK properties menu of the Start of Flow BLOCK.

You can manage your notification profiles by assigning them names in the Profile name setting. You can select to have notifications sent as email or Slack messages by changing the Type setting.

To set up email notification, you must use one of the following email services:

You will need to register an account with one of the above mail services in advance.

The example above shows a Slack notification, but the process for email notifications is the same. When adding an email notification destination, please use the settings shown below:

Setting SendGrid Mailgun Mailjet
Port 2525 2525 2525
Username SendGrid username A Mailgun Default SMTP Login A Mailjet SMTP Account USERNAME (API KEY)
Password SendGrid password The Mailgun Default Password A Mailjet SMTP Account PASSWORD (SECRET KEY)
To The addressee’s email address
From The sender’s email address
Subject The notification’s subject line