Basic Guide

Basic Guide

Project settings

Managing GCP access accounts

Register Google accounts that will be necessary if you intend to use the Google Cloud Console , gsutil tool , and the like. This is only applicable to Full Service Plan users.

Please use this function to register Google accounts before using the Google Cloud Console or gsutil.

When using an ML Board, you will need to upload your training data to Google Cloud Storage (GCS). Register a Google account beforehand if you will use the Google Cloud Console or gsutil tool to upload your data.

The process for registering a Google account is as follows:

  1. Open the project settings screen.

    1. Switch to the project you will to register the Google account into.

    2. Click the projects menu again to display the drop-down list.

      Project list
    3. Click the gear () icon next to the project's name.

  2. Click “GCP access” from the left sidebar.

    GCP access settings
  3. Register Google accounts with access to GCP under the section titled “Register GCP access accounts”. This process is as follows:

    1. Enter the email address for the Google account and click the button.

    2. Repeat step one to add multiple Google accounts at once.

    3. Click the “Register” button to register the new Google accounts.

  4. You can remove accounts under the section titled “Registered accounts”. To do so, simply click an accounts “Delete” button.

  5. Click the "Close" button in the upper-right to close the project settings screen.