Basic Guide

Flow Designers and Flows

Log panel

You can view records (logs) of Flow executions in the log panel.

Log panel layout

The log panel consists of three sections: the log bar, the log list, and the log details sections. Only the log bar is shown by default when you first open a Flow Editor.

You can view the entire log panel by clicking the log bar, or by clicking View logs from a BLOCK menu.

Clicking View logs from a BLOCK menu will only display logs for Flows with the same name as the Start of Flow BLOCK of the selected Flow. If there are multiple Flows with identically named Start of Flow BLOCKS, it will display logs for all such Flows.

Log bar

You can control opening, closing, and reloading the log panel from the log bar.

Log bar

Log list

View a list of information for executed Flows such as start time, end time, and status.

Item Explanation
Start time

The time that the Flow began executing.

End time

The time that the Flow finished executing.

Time of execution

The total time that the Flow executed shown to the second.


The execution status of the Flow.

  • Preparing: Waiting for the Flow execution status.
  • Executing: The Flow is executing.
  • Finished: The Flow finished executing successfully.
  • Failed: The Flow failed to execute completely.
  • Cancelled: The Flow was cancelled during execution.
Flow name

The name (BLOCK name of the Start of Flow BLOCK) of the executed or executing Flow.

You can sort or filter the displayed Flows based on the start time, end time, status, or Flow name categories.

Click the icon next to one of these categories to open the sorting and filtering menu.

Sorting and filtering logs

Use the checkboxes on the left side of the log list to cancel Flows mid-execution or delete logs.

Cancel Flows or delete logs

Log details

In the log details section, you can view logs for the Flows selected from the log list.

Log details section